Molecule-Based Nutrients - Essentially safeguarding plantation by strengthening crops' immunity

Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are provided in the form of micro particles. These tertiary nutrients of mineral ion enable rapid absorption from roots to leaves of the crops.
Hence this fertilizing combination is excellent for enhancing crops growth as well as strengthening the crops' immunity against any kind of agro-disease.

Chemical Balance of the soil condition

In order to regulate chemical balance of the soil condition, pH buffer and temperature of the soil will be adjusted. By maintaining the pH value as well as the ecological stability, sufficient mineral composition would always assure soil fertility.

Regulating the idyllic ecological balance

In the process of garnering an ideal environment for plantation activity, ecological proliferation process is carried out by exerting the maximum function of microorganisms, in order to achieve ecological balance.

Effectively long-lasting soil conditioner

Soil Enzymatic Digestion of the earthworms would effectively overcome the existing soil problems caused by excessive use of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, and even pollutions and soil compaction.
Besides, soil restoration in the form of physical, chemical, and ecological could be achieved. Soil fertility would resume as well as the immunity of the plant against all forms of diseases will be improved.

Improvisation of the physical environment of crops plantation

The physical environment of crops plantation will be improvised by strengthening the aggregate structure of the crops, hoisting breathable space and level of water retention of the crops simultaneously. Furthermore, soil density will be resolved by averting excessive water loss and preventing soil erosion.

Other Beneficial Functions include:

  • Land consolidation, long-term conditioning, soil preparation for plantation, organic farming with a healthy environment where pollutant-free, soil fertility improvement.
  • Alternative fertilizers (1 ton = 15 tons of urea fertilizer with earthworm efficacy), in terms of convenient size, relatively light weight, flexible storage and easy transportation.
  • 100% soluble, applicable to all and any form of portable sprayers, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and spraying facilities. High efficiency of cost saving (minimal labour cost).
  • Highly compatible with other fertilizers (fertilizer with minerals). Highly effective in unlocking the potential of the NPK elements for other fertilizers, such as organic manure and chemical fertilizers in common without increasing costs (50% of the costs turnover compared to purchasing earthworm fertilizer).
  • Able to gradually improve the overall quality of the soil, as well as the efficiency of the crops’ production rate.
  • Effectively reducing the usage of pesticides.

The Three Nutrients

Effect and Function

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